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Brushless Compression 1/8th


Length 458mm (18")
Width 301mm (11.8")
Height 165mm (6.5")
Power Source Brushless Motor
Wheelbase 335mm (13.2")

About the Brushless Compression

If you thought that electric powered buggies offered less performance than their fuel driven counterparts, it’s definitely time to think again! The astonishing Brushless Compression Pro 1/8th buggy incorporates the very latest in brushless motor technology and provides levels of mind-blowing performance you simply would not have thought possible. And it’s not just about acceleration or straight line top speed, with truly massive amounts of torque “on-tap”, it’s THE No.1 tool for when the going gets tough in the mud! This top quality 1/8th buggy features advanced composite construction and is supplied complete with twin 7.4v Li-Po batteries and an interference-free 2.4GHz R/C system as standard!

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