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Granite Monster 1/8th Brushless


Length 504mm (19.8")
Width 385mm (15.2")
Height 188mm (7.4")
Power Source Brushless Motor
Wheelbase 225mm (13.2")

About the Granite Monster

The sensational new Granite Monster 1/8th Brushless Truck lets you enjoy all the thrilling performance of a “Nitro”, but with none of the oily mess, smell or fuss! With all that torque and speed at your finger- tips, you’ll soon be blasting through the roughest trails at astonishing pace! This top spec truck features fully tuneable suspension, adjustable oil-filled shocks, powerful brushless motor, twin 7.4V Li-Po batteries and a high spec 2.4GHz R/C system! But performance isn’t enough! You’ll want your new truck to look great too, so we’ve added super-cool chrome wheels with mega-grip tyres and a tough polycarbonate body, factory painted in this terrific eye catching scheme!

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