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T41C Shuttle


Length 435mm (17.1")
Height 180mm (7.1")
Rotor Diameter 344mm (13.5')
Weight 415g (14.6oz)
Battery 3.7v 1000mAh Li-Po

About the T41C Shuttle

The T41C features 3.5 channel functionality giving you seperate throttle, forwards / backwards and turning controls, all via a state of the art 2.4GHz radio set. The onboard AVCS gyro keeps the tail in check, providing a highly controllable flight. The T41C Shuttle will provide hours of entertainment with it's on-board pre-fitted high-pixel video camera and 1GB Micro SD memory card, activated from a button on the radio.

The intelligent PCB control board on the T41C features a connection point for the included high-pixel camera, allowing you to record video footage or take photos during your flight with no additional set-up required! The camera angle is easily adjustable and the camera itself is operated from the supplied transmitter. Video is recorded in AVI format onto the supplied 1GB Micro SD memory card and can be copied to your computer or laptop with the supplied Micro SD USB card reader.



Integrated AVCS Gyro

Super Stable Co-Axial Design

LED Spotlight

Rechargeable Li-Po Battery

Pre-Fitted Recording Video Camera and Memory Card

Auto Cut Off to Prevent Power Overload

2.4GHz 3 Channel Transmitter with Camera Control

Century UK GoPro HERO3+