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Premium Line - Landing Craft Pre-Built Scale Model Boat

£599.99 inc.VAT


Premium Line 1/16 scale model of an American Higgins LCM 3 (Landing Craft Mechanised).

These weighed 25 tons empty and could carry a 30 ton tank (eg a Sherman), 60 fully equipped soldiers or 27 tons of cargo. Their top speed was 11 knots empty or 8 knots fully loaded and they had a crew of 4. The bow door ramp was raised and lowered by a winch to allow the vehicles and troops on board to quickly disembark.

Comes with the following pre-installed. 

2 x 390 Electric Motors

Winch Servo for front door

3kg Watertight Rudder Servo

Water Resistant 50amp ESC for Motors. 

Wooden Boat Stand Also Included. 

  • Length (Approx): 950mm
  • Width (Approx): 250mm
  • Height (Approx): 280mm
  • Scale: 1/16

Approximate size inside (for a tank or military vehicle) is:

  • Width: 195mm
  • Length: 600mm