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GT Power 8s Battery Checker


GT Power

£9.95 inc.VAT

Stock code 1-GT-8S-CHECKER

Although we call this a Battery Checker, it does so much more!

Capable of giving voltage and capacity readings on 2 - 8s Lithium packs and 4 - 12s Nickel packs, balance discharging Lithium packs and it can even test servos and ESC's.

With a simple to read LCD display and easy to operate buttons allowing you to cycle through the different readings, this is one of those things that everybody should have in their flight box.

*Battery pack not included and only shown for illustration purposes

  • Check Battery Cell Capacity and Voltage
  • Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-Ion, Li-HV, Ni-MH and Ni-CD Compatible
  • Test Servos
  • Test ESC
  • Lithium Cell Discharge Balancing
  • 2 - 8s Compatible
Cell CompatibilityLi-xx 2 - 8s
Ni-xx - 4 - 12s
Voltage CompatibilityLi-xx 7.4 - 29.6v
Ni-xx 4.8 - 14.4v

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