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GT POWER X2 AC/DC Twin Mini Charger, 2 x 100w DC, 2 x 50w AC

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The new X2 Mini from GT Power is the latest in their range of multipurpose chargers for modellers. It features the ability to charge 2 separate batteries at the same time, you can even charge 2 completely different types of batteries at the same time, both channels are able to charge LiPo/LiHV/Liion/LiFe/NiMH/NiCd and PB batteries. It has an impressive 200W of power that is split across the channels giving you the ability to charge at 100w per side. You can choose to either power the charger using the mains (lead supplied) or with the 19-26V DC Input, this charger is perfect for getting everything ready before you leave home in the shortest time possible or for when you are enjoying your hobby and want to get the batteries charged again.

The programming of the charger is very simple but has all of the essential functions built in, Charge, Balance, Discharge and also a cell meter test. 

It has 2 power allocation modes, Intelligent power allocation model and average power allocaton model. 

Intelligent Power Allocation

Power is allocated by the start up time to save charging time and effeicenty. Max 100w

Average Power Allocation 

Each channel shares the current total power equally, if only charging one battery it will get the full power, if charging 2 batteries at the same time each battery will get half of the total charger power. 

The X2 Mini also features

Overcurrent Protection

Overvoltage Protection

Leakage Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Overheating Protection

Reverse Protection


  • 1x X2 Mini multi-function battery charger.
  • Mains power lead.
  • Instruction manual.

  • AC or DC input power.
  • AC 100W shared over two channels.
  • DC 100W x2.
  • Blue backlit LCD (2 x 16).
  • 2-14V lead-acid (Pb) x 2.
  • 0.1-10.0A charge rate in 0.1A increments.
  • 1-8 cells NiCd / NiMH x 2.
  • 1-4S LiPo / LiHV / LiIon / LiFe x 2.
  • Cell balance with 0.01V tolerance.
  • Proven XT60 battery ports.
  • Built-in balancers with XH-style connectors.
  • Compact size.