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Max-Thrust Riot XL

This stunning new plane from the Max-Thrust hanger takes all we've learned and all you have loved from the original Riot and super sized it!

We wanted to give something a little extra, so have also included an electronic glider release system in the top of the fuselage, you'll quickly become a favourite at the field towing everyone's gliders to height and with the fitted flap system you can get back down quickly ready for the next customer. The flaps also improve the slow speed handling of the model, your approaches will be super controlled and you'll be able to perform perfect touchdowns to delight the growing crowd of spectators.

Century UK Max-Thrust Riot XL

SRP Only £219.95

Stock Code: 1-MT-RiotXL-R

Tech One Sbach 342

Century UK Taft Tech One Sbach 342

No matter if you’re a professional 3D flyer or just starting out in 3D, the Sbach342 can make 3D look easy!

With a lightweight profile airframe, powerful brushless motor and large control surfaces, the Sbach is all about precision flight. Add to that a vectored prop system and high speed turns and flicks become quick and easy.

The reinforced EPOFLEXY airframe provides plenty of strength for those quick manoeuvres whilst keeping the weight to a minimum, allowing all the power from the brushless drivetrain to be used for prop hanging and vertical climbs.

Stock Code: 1-TechOne-Sbach342

SRP only £129.95

Max-Thrust Mini Viper Jet

This latest release from Max-Thrust is a real stunner with its high visibility colour scheme and it has the flight performance to match.

Featuring a highly efficient 5 bladed ducted fan set up that is powered by a powerful brushless motor the Mini Viper Jet is sure to put a smile on your face. Hand launching is a breeze as the model just needs a gentle nudge to get it away and for the competent pilot you could even do the launch yourself.

This just could be the model you have been waiting for!

Century UK Max-Thrust Mini Viper Jet

SRP Only £99.95

Stock Code: 1-MT-MiniViperJet

Taft Hobby Valkyrie

Century UK Taft Hobby Valkyrie

The Taft Valkyrie is simply stunning and offers great scale type looks in a sport EDF. No compromises have been made in an effort to bring you something different and still provide a solid aerobatic performance.
The Valkyrie will definitely stand out down at the flying field and everyone will want to see it fly, but to be honest, can you blame them!

Stock Code: 1-Valkyrie-Y

SRP only £259.99

Tech One Revolution

The Revolution is a highly capable 3D airframe.

Built from EPOFLEXY with a streamlined hollow fuselage housing the electronics internally, the Revolution has amazingly low wind resistance and is lightweight whilst being lots more durable than typical Depron 3D flyers, making it perfect for learning 3D aerobatics and manoeuvres.

The power is supplied through a brushless motor and ESC while large control surfaces give you precise control, meaning you can prop hang, harrier, loop, flip and flick your way around the field.

Whether you're a full on 3D pilot or just getting into it, the Revolution has something for everyone.

Century UK Tech One Revolution

SRP Only £159.95

Stock Code: 1-TechOne-Revolution

Max-Thrust Lightning 1500

Century UK Max-Thrust Lightning 1500

The Lightning is the culmination of two years of design and testing. We wanted a 1.5 metre wingspan using a 3 cell 2200 mAh pack that was easy to transport, and we wanted it to perform.

The model offers high performance in more ways than you think, it has great high-speed stability both under power and also on the glide. Constructed from super smooth EPOFLEXY with carbon spars in the wings and fuselage. The Lightning is at home both on the field or the slope and with the brushless power system you can either hunt out the lift or power through F3A style aerobatics.

Stock Code: 1-MT-Lightning-1500PNP

SRP only £129.95

BSD Racing Prime Desert Assault

Utilising the same proven chassis as the Assault V2 and Onslaught V2 the Prime Desert Assault provides fantastic performance and awesome looks. The new roll cage body with its fluorescent orange and black paint job makes the car really stand out from the crowd and offers a refreshing change and at an astonishing price

Century UK BSD Racing Prime Desert Assault

SRP Only £129.95

Stock Code: 1-BS218T