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Flux Marauder 4wd Truck 1/8th (Brushless, Twin 7.4v LiPo)


BSD Racing

£459.95 inc.VAT

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Stock code 1-BS810T

The Flux Marauder is guaranteed to impress you and your friends! Powered by an awesome 2260kv motor and twin Li-Po battery packs, you'll be pulling wheelies and getting air like nobody's business! Easy plug-and-go convenience is the hallmark of electric RC trucks, and the Flux Marauder is no different. Just plug in the two supplied matching Li-Po packs and you're off and running!

With water-resistant dual steering servos and a water resistant brushless ESC, there really is nothing stopping the Flux Marauder from going anywhere.

A strong chassis is important for any off-road machine, and it's no different with the Flux Marauder. With its tough aluminium upper deck, oil filled shocks and huge off-road wheels and tyres the Flux Marauder is read to take on the toughest of terrains.


  • Shaft Driven 4WD Drive System
  • Brushless Power System
  • Water and Dust Resistant Sealed Gearbox
  • Sealed Super Duty Driveshafts
  • Easy Access Battery and Receiver Covers
  • Super Diff With 4 Bevel Gears
  • Silicone Oil Filled Big Bore Shocks
  • Twin Water Resistant Steering Servos
DriveShaft Driven 4WD
Motor2260KV Brushless Motor


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