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MJX Camera Set Suits F29, F45, F39, F46, F49



£19.99 inc.VAT

Stock code MJX-C4002

Century UK MJX Helicopter Video CameraThe intelligent PCB control boards on the F45, F39 and F29 Helicopters feature a connection point for the optional MJX high-pixel camera, allowing you to record video footage or take photos during your flight with no additional set-up required! The camera is quick and easy to install and once fitted the lens angle is easily adjustable. The camera itself is operated from the original transmitter, so there are no additional extras. Video is recorded in AVI format onto the supplied 1GB Micro SD memory card and can be copied to your computer or laptop with the supplied Micro SD USB card reader.

Century UK MJX Helicopters Micro Memory Card

Plugs directly to MJX F29, F39 or F45 control boards

Includes USB Micro SD Card reader

Activated via original transmitter

Quick and easy to fit

Takes photo or video

1GB Micro SD memory card included