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T20 Shuttle


About the T20 Shuttle

The T20 features 3.5 channel functionality giving you seperate throttle, forwards / backwards and turning controls, all via a state of the art radio set. The onboard AVCS gyro keeps the tail straight until you tell it to move, giving superb control and flight dynamics.

The T20 Shuttle will provide hours of entertainment and features a rechargeable 3.7v 200mAh Li-Po battery that can be charged from the transmitter or a computer using the supplied USB charging lead.

The model comes with spare rotors in the box to keep you flying incase of an impact. we also stock all of the spare parts for the model so that you can keep flying even after a minor, or major, unplanned landing.

The T20 is available in either a stunning blue colour scheme or a vibrant fiery red design.


Length215mm (8.5")
Height110mm (4.3")
Rotor Diameter200mm (7.9")
Weight45g (1.6oz)
Battery3.7v 200mAh Li-Po


Rechargeable Li-Po Battery

Super Tough Undercarriage and Blades

Easy To Fly

Super Stable Co-Axial Design

On Board Overload Protection Cut-Off

Integrated AVCS Gyro

LED Spotlight