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Max-Thrust Pro-Built Balsa Ruckus Kit Red - IC or Electric

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The Ruckus has made its mark on the UK model scene as the best first low wing model you can buy. It’s fantastic aerobatic performance coupled to its great slow-speed handling have made going from high wing trainer to low wing a very easy step. Now available as a Pro Built Balsa model it can be flown either IC Nitro or E.P. Electric, the mounts and accessories are included for either version.


With an OS 46 upfront, the prototype flew so well it drew comparisons with the best-selling models currently on the market and surpassed them in many areas. You can fly this model on a 40 through to a 46 size Nitro engine or electric using a 4 cell 3300 and an Overlander 4250/06….. thumper electric motor. In either version, the model fly’s outstandingly well. The model is produced either ready covered with red trim or ready to cover so you can choose your own colours, there will also be ltd, edition colours available in the future.

Wingspan1380mm 54.33")
Length1170mm (46.1")
Tail Span560mm (22.5")
Flying Weight EP 4s 3300mAh2.35kg (5.2lb)

John Grosvalds
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Reviewed by John Grosvalds  
Pro-Built, Pro Quality
I freely admit I bought this on a whim after seeing a friend’s foamie version at our local club.
On opening the box and unpacking the contents it quickly became apparent that this was no cheapie knock off of a well established plane. All the different components were securely bagged and there was no damage or shortages to be seen.
The instructions are comprehensive and very easy to follow, not that anyone with a few kits under their belt would really need them.
Assembly was an absolute breeze, I think in a well laid out workshop it would be an easy task to get this plane out of the box and flight ready in under 3 hours.
To say that this is a comprehensive kit would be a serious understatement. Everything, and I do mean everything (apart from engine and radio bits) is included. If you opt for nitro power as I did, even the motor mount is pre-drilled for an OS 46, you even get the engine mounting bolts!
Assembly finished, my Ruckus with a new OS 46AX, 5 x Hitec standard servos and a 2300 mAh NiMh pack, the plane balanced just forward of the suggested CoG.
Off to the flying field. With the OS running very rich on it’s first ever tank of fuel the Ruckus tracked straight down the patch and lifted off. This plane is an absolute pussycat! Loops, rolls and virtually unlimited vertical flight are accomplished with absolutely no drama. This plane flew perfectly, with no trim adjustment and when it came time to land it was a doddle!
This kit is without any shadow of a doubt the most complete ARF I have ever come across. I normally fly much bigger planes, 30 - 40cc gassers and bought this as a Sunday banger. Got a feeling that it’s going to be my “go to” plane for more than Sundays.
On a final note, I have a lot of planes from Hangar 9, I love the quality that this brand produces . The Ruckus, unless I’m very much mistaken, comes from the same vendors as Hangar 9. The fittings, the way the kit is produced and the overall quality is identical.
If you’re looking to progress from high to low wing, or as in my case, want a Sunday banger for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday……grab yourself a Pro Build Ruckus!