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Max Thrust Pro-Built Balsa Trainer - 32-40 IC or Electric

£169.96 inc.VAT


We have wanted to build this model for some time, it’s a classic club trainer which has been built in a classic Balsa construction and finished in Oracover. We have made the model as Eye-catching as possible with its stunning sunburst on the wings and tail and easy to orientate black stripe under the wing, but if you wish you can buy the model ready to cover so that you can create your own style.


The model can be flown either I.C. Nitro or E.P. Electric, the mounts and accessories are included for whichever version you wish to make. We made this model so that it can teach the basics of model flight but also have the most forgiving nature available, the model has a very slow stalling speed and merely drops the nose to regain flying speed. There’s a generous amount of dihedral so the model can even be flown around on rudder only. The prototype flew on an OS 25 FX but we recommend a 32 to a 40 size engine and in the electric form we used an overlander 3536/08….Thumper motor on a 2200mAh 3 cell battery pack.

Wingspan1480mm (58.36")
Length1105mm (43.5")
Tail Span560mm (22.5")
Flying Weight IC .32 1.7kg (3.8lb)


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