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Max Thrust Ruckus PNP - Red


Max Thrust

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£194.99 inc.VAT

Stock code 1-MT-RUCKUS-R

After the success of the Riot we have been constantly asked for a follow up model that builds on all the best attributes of the Riot but in a low wing model.

We think we’ve nailed it! Not only does the Ruckus fly superbly it looks gorgeous too.

Capable of flying on either a 3 or 4 cell Li-Po the Ruckus can be set up to be a tame first low wing plane or turn the control throws up and fly every aerobatic move you can think of, it will even prop hang!. With a wingspan of 1380mm the Ruckus is happy flying in all conditions and will handle the wind with ease and will quickly become your model for all occasions.

We worked hard on the design to make sure the model was tough and could put up with the abuse you will throw at it but without adding too much weight, thanks in part to the tough EPOFLEXY construction and clever build structure featuring an internal ply skeleton in the fuselage for added strength, just like the Riot.

Bright Wing Tip LEDs
Decals Pre-Applied
Durable EPOFLEXY Construction
Powerful V2 Brushless Motor
40A Brushless Speed Controller
Aircraft Grade Ally Undercarriage
Quick Assembly - No Glue Needed

Weight1500g (Exc. Bat)
Servos2 x 9g, 2 x 17g
Rec. Battery

11.1v 2200mAh Li-Po

14.8v 2200mAh Li-Po

Reviewed by J Kemble  

The new Ruckus was delivered on Thursday and this morning I made the maiden flight at our club site at Kirkbride Airfield.
Assembly as per the instructions was uncomplicated, and very similar to the my Riot.
The centre of gravity with a 3s 2200mAh Li-Po came out right in the middle of the given range.  I set the rates low on the control surfaces and input -20% exponential on them all.   This resulted in a very smooth flying model to start with.   Beautiful loops and good stall turns.  With increased aileron movement the rolls improved.
This is a very stable model and does not seem to have any vices. It has a very slippery airframe so be aware when landing. My first landing, bearing in mind we fly from a tarmac runway, produced quite a bounce or two.  Subsequent landings were made with power on and this eliminated the bounce. 
If you want a low wing electric powered sport model aircraft look no further.   The Ruckus is for you!


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