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Valueplanes Balsa Cloud Clipper 71 Kit, 1800mm Wingspan

£109.99 inc.VAT

Stock code 1-CUK-BALSAKIT-5

Kit Includes:

  • Laser Cut Parts
  • Strip Pack
  • Full Size Plans and Instructions
  • Wire U/C and Wheels
  • Nyrods
  • PVC Windshield
  • Full hardware Package
Only Glues, Covering, Radio equipment and Engine required to finish model.
Box Size: 1030 x 230 x 80mm
Wingspan1800mm (71")
Length1320mm (52")
Flying Weightapprox 1800g
Motor IC28-40 IC Engines
Battery3s 3000mah
Servos Required2-3 17g
Prop Size11"