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Valueplanes Balsa Leprechaun Pro 102" 2.6M Balsa Kit

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£169.99 inc.VAT

Stock code 1-CUK-BALSAKIT-7

The Value Planes Leprechaun is a model glider kit that’s lightweight and sports a vintage appearance. With or without power, the Leprechaun RC glider can still fly and glide smoothly.

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  • Complete airframe KIT.
  • The design is derived from the classics vintage gliders.
  • Extremely lightweight, state-of-the-art almost-balsa construction.
  • Everything needed to build the basic airframe of the model.
  • Extensive clear full size planes and instructions.
  • Only adhesives and coverings are required to complete the airframe.

The special construction with purity balsa give the glider very high gliding performance, which allows it to fly both with and without power.

Motor2814 1000kv
Battery3S 2200mAh
Servos2 x 17g
Prop Size13"