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DW Sopwith Camel 1.2M Balsa Kit (inc Motor-Prop-ESC-Servos)

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£269.99 inc.VAT

Stock code 1-DW-BALSAKIT-S3004

Supplied as a ready-to-build kit with MO2817 900kv Motor, 60a ESC and 4 9g servos.

You will need to supply your own covering material, gluesradio system and battery. 

Flying Weightapprox 1.4kg
Motor RequiredMM2817 - 2820 900kv Brushless
ESC Supplied60a 
Servos Supplied4 x 9g  
Battery Required 

3s 2200 - 2800mah

Prop Suppliedno
Receiver Required4 Channel