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DW Savage Bobber 1.0M Balsa Kit (Motor, esc, Servo)

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The full-size Bobber is the result of many years of experience building Savages. Robust, easy to handle and maintain, it is beautiful, and it is FUN! The Savage Bobber is the plane that makes you daydream! The RC version of the Savage Bobber has been designed in the same spirit, that of a FUN plane, amazing and easy to fly. With its 600g in-flight order, it is probably the lightest RC aircraft in the 1m wingspan category. To achieve this featherweight which also allows it to fly extremely slowly, another of the characteristics of this aircraft, it's equipment had to be very light. It flies perfectly with a 1300mah 2s battery and its 6 servos weigh only 3.7g. The controller was also chosen to be very light. You will need a receiver and a 6-channel radio to control its rudder but also its flaps and place it on any type of terrain thanks to its very large diameter tires.

Supplied as a ready to build kit including:

  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Servos

You will need to supply your own:

  • Covering Material
  • Glues
  • Radio System
  • Battery

To Download Manual Click Here

  • Super Light
  • Super Slow-Flying
  • Big Hand-Made Foam Wheels
Flying Weightapprox 600g
MotorMM2208 2600kv Brushless
Servos6 x 3.7g  

2s or 3s 1300 - 1500mah

Prop SuppliedYes
Receiver Required4 Channel