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DW Fokker DR1 Triplane 1/18 Scale Static Balsa Model Kit

£34.99 inc.VAT

Stock code 1-DW-BALSAKIT-VX11

The Fokker DR1, otherwise known as the Fokker Triplane, was a World War 1 fighter aircraft. In February 1917, the British Sopwith Triplane began to fly in combat. The German High Command wanted a Triplane of their own for them to use against enemies in the war. Many concepts were tried in an effort to make an aircraft that would be better and out perform their enemies, but only one was awarded the contract. The contract was given to a Dutch aircraft designer known as Anthony Fokker. Even though the Fokker Triplane was not as fast as contemporary fighters, it had a reputation as a great dog fighter due to its great turning and climbing abilities. The aircraft is painted red in the colours of Manfred Von Richtofen, otherwise known as the 'Red Baron'. Von Richtofen had many victories in the Fokker triplane. He managed to achieve 19 of his last 80 victories. As well as the success that he had in this aircraft, he also faced his last moments. The Red Baron was killed in action after flying over enemy territory whilst chasing down his second Sopwith Camel. There are many stories regarding his death, but it is believed that he was shot from the ground whilst he was flying at a low level.

There were over 300 Fokker Triplanes that were built and now there are none in existence, only replicas. The last of the Fokker Triplanes was destroyed in the WW2 bombing of Berlin.

Sold as a ready to build kit.

You need to supply glues and covering to finish model.

Wingspan: 500mm

Box size: 330 x 120 x 45mm