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DW Bleriot XI 1/23 Scale Static Balsa Model Kit, 3D Puzzle

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Stock code 1-DW-BALSAKIT-VX14

On January 23rd 1909, Bleriot took to the air for the first time, with his model number XI. The XI was primarily designed by engineer Raymond Saulnier. The design he made was just an evolution of the earlier Bleriot aircraft, but Bleriot himself also made substantial contributions to the plane. Originally, the Bleriot was designed a s a tractor-configurating monoplane. This means that the engine was mounted with the airscrew in front of it rather than behind it, so that the aircraft was being 'pulled' through the air. When Bleriot took to the air for the first time, even though it handled well, he discovered that the engine proved extremely unreliable. With this new information, Bleriot made contact with Alessandro Anzani, a famous motorcycle racer, who himself had great success due to the engines that he made. With Bleriot making contact with Anzani, he had then improved the initially disappointing performance of the aircraft by reducing the weight and replaced the original engine with a 3-cylinder,25 horsepower, air-cooled Anzani engine that drove a two-bladed Chauviere propeller. After these adjustments were made, Bleriot flew the plane once again and on July 25th 1909, the Bleriot XI had made history. It was the fist plane to to cross the English Channel from Calais to Dover. Bleriot did this amazing accomplishment in 36.5 minutes and of which people remember to this day.

Supplied as a ready to build model. Only glues and some tools required to finish model.

Static Model-3D Puzzle suitable for ages 12 and up.

Length: 435mm

Width: 380mm

Box size: 330 x 120 x 45mm

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