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Valueplanes SG38 Schulgleiter Glider Kit 1/3 scale 3.4M

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Introducing Valueplanes newest vintage Giant Scale replica of the German 1938 SG-38 Glider!  

The Schneider DFS 108-14 SG-38 Schulgleiter (German for “school glider”) is a German high-wing, cable-braced, single-seat primary glider that was designed by Schneider, Rehberg and Hofmann at Edmund Schneider's factory at Grunau in 1938, hence the designation. It was produced by several builders, including Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Segelflug (DFS).

The SG-38 was designed to be a training glider for basic flight training by the Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps (NSFK). The usual launch method was by bungee cord from a sloped hill. Because training was conducted solely by solo flight the aircraft had to be very easy to fly and also easy to repair.

The high-wing design uses a kingpost and cable bracing. The primary structure of the glider is of wood, with the wings, tail surfaces and inverted "V" kingpost all finished in doped aircraft fabric covering. The pilot sits on a simple seat in the open air, without a windshield.

The basic configuration was similar to earlier gliders such as the Stamer Lippisch Zögling and the Grunau IX, but the SG 38 was an entirely new design. Improvements included enlarged tail surfaces for better stability, a separate skid mounted on shock-absorbing springs, and an updated seat for the pilot.

With 1/3 scale detail and lightweight all wood construction, this kit offers excellent flight performance. Overall this is a fantastic kit and due to its ease of construction, it is perfect for the seasoned builder or those with limited building experience and great for old pilots and beginners. Complete hardware pack comes with air tow hook and can be flown as a pure glider without power or with electric power (motor mount included in kit for electric option).

Wingspan: 3400mm (134.9")
Length: 2060mm (81.1")
Flying Weight: 7kg without power

Recommend Equipment:
Servo: Standard servo ≥12kg
Motor: 3524 with 14" prop
ESC: 80A
Battery: 6S 4000mah

Product List:

  • 1* Un-assembled Wood Glider KIT
  • Plywood sheet pack*1 1:1 installation drawing*1
  • Batten sets Operation instruction*1

Flight Video Here