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Century UK Art-Tech Waltz

Inspired by beautiful designs from years gone by, then incorporating the latest construction techniques and modern high performance materials, the Waltz is a perfect synergy of the best from both eras.

Featuring an efficient polyhedral wing and smooth elliptical tips, the Waltz is stable and easy to fly. It makes a great choice for the novice, or the more experienced pilot seeking a relaxed, yet rewarding flight experience.

The composite internal fuselage structure provides superb levels of strength and rigidity, with a durable moulded "EPOFLEXY" outer shell forming those classic lines. And the fuselage features specially designed air ducts to provide maximum cooling to the powerful brushless motor.

We have designed the model with an easy wing connect system for convenience and easy transportation, the canopy is held on with magnets to enable easy access to the battery and radio equipment.

Century UK Art-Tech Waltz
Century UK Art-Tech Waltz
Century UK Art-Tech Waltz
Century UK Art-Tech Waltz


  • Triple Dihedral Wing
  • Brushless Motor
  • Electronics Pre-Installed
  • Magnetic Canopy Hatch
  • Carbon Landing Legs
  • EPOFLEXY Construction
Length916mm (36")
Wingspan1180mm (46.6")
Weight340g (12oz)
Servos2x 9g
Recommended Battery1300mAh 7.4v Li-Po