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Art Tech WingDragon Sportster

Century UK Art Tech Wingdragon

About The WingDragon

The Sportster is a unique model in that it appeals to the novice and the expert; it flies so well that a beginner can get to grips with a true 4 channel model in a very short space of time due to its forgiving nature and super strong polypropylene fuselage. The model is designed to take the inevitable hard landings that a novice will dish out, but also be easy to repair should it get damaged. If you are already a model pilot then this can really “strut its stuff” - increase the control movements and unleash the devil, it’s fully aerobatic including rolls, loops and inverted flight that will bring a smile to any pilot's face.


Wingspan1080mm (42")
Length870mm (34")
Weight530g (18.7oz)
Servos9g x 4
Battery1000mAh 9.6v Ni-MH