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Tech One Lazy Flyer


The TechOne Lazy Flyer is a simple, classic style trainer, designed for slow flight and stability - Everything you need to help you achieve a successful flight when you're first starting out!

Its simple construction means assembly is quick and easy, and maintenance and repairs are a doddle, giving you more time to fly.

Once you've mastered the basics and are feeling confident, the Lazy Flyer wakes up and springs into action with loops and rolls, allowing you to take your flying to the next level.

TechOne Lazy Flyer
TechOne Lazy Flyer
TechOne Lazy Flyer


Wingspan: 1000mm ( 39.4 in.)
Overall Length:830mm ( 32.7 in.)
Flying Weight: 550g-580g ( with battery )
Prop Size:8040
Motor Size: AS2208 KV 1260
Speed Control:20 Amp
Servo: 9g*4
Recommended Battery:11.1v 3S 800-1800mAh Li-po battery