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DW Storch ARF 1.6M, Camo Scheme, Motor, ESC, 8 x Servo, Prop

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Stock code 1-DW-BALSA-ARF-SCG2114

Supplied as a ready-built and covered model including a  brushless Motor, 60a ESC, 8 9g servos, and Prop.

You will need to supply your own radio system and battery. 

Supplied in box.

Box size: 820 x 230 x 230mm

Flying Weightapprox 1.7 - 1.9kg
Motor Supplied2817 900kv Brushless

40amp Brushless Compatible

Servos Required8 x 9g

3 -4 s 2200 - 2800mah

Prop Suppliedyes
Receiver Required6 Channel