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Max-Thrust Mini Viper Jet Electric Ducted Fan Plane PNP



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This latest release from Max-Thrust is a real stunner with its high visibility colour scheme and it has the flight performance to match.

Featuring a highly efficient 5 bladed ducted fan set up that is powered by a powerful brushless motor the Mini Viper Jet is sure to put a smile on your face. Hand launching is a breeze as the model just needs a gentle nudge to get it away and for the competent pilot you could even do the launch yourself.

This just could be the model you have been waiting for!

With a wingspan of 705mm the Mini Viper Jet is small enough to fit in the car assembled yet big enough to smooth out the bumps in the air for smooth fast flight. And with docile handling even the landing will be a stress free exercise.

Another nice feature of the model is that the nose is held on by a couple of powerful magnets, this means in the event of a less than perfect landing the nose will pop of helping to reduce damage to the plane and to help preserve those looks.

  • High Power Brushless Motor
  • Pre-Installed Electronics
  • 50mm Ducted Fan
  • Simple To Hand Launch
  • Knock-Off Nose Cone
  • Quick Assembly
  • EPOFLEXY Construction
Wingspan705mm (27.8")
Length640mm (25.2")
Flying Weight346g (11.6oz)
Servos3x 9g
Recommended Battery11.1v 850mAh Li-Po
Fan Size50mm