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Taft Valkyrie


The Taft Valkyrie is simply stunning and offers great scale type looks in a sport EDF. No compromises have been made in an effort to bring you something different and still provide a solid aerobatic performance.
The Valkyrie will definitely stand out down at the flying field and everyone will want to see it fly, but to be honest, can you blame them!

Control from the T-Tail is solid and the streamlined design is enhanced with the ability to fold the undercarriage away using the pre-fitted electronic retract system. Landing couldn’t be simpler, with flaps providing maximum drag the Valkyrie comes is almost at walking pace.

The Valkyrie is fully moulded in EPOFLEXY and supplied in P'n'P format. All the servos come pre-fitted as do the electronic retracts. The ultra powerful brushless fan system comes ready balanced and for good measure and reliability a Hobby Wing ESC is included.



  • High Power Brushless Motor
  • Pre-Installed Electronics
  • 90mm 11 Blade Ducted Fan
  • Electronic Retracts
  • 80 Amp Brushless ESC
  • Quick Assembly
  • EPOFLEXY Construction

Century UK Taft Hobby Valkyrie
Century UK Taft Hobby Valkyrie
Century UK Taft Hobby Valkyrie
Century UK Taft Hobby Valkyrie


Wingspan1287mm (50.7")
Length1439mm (56.7")
Flying Weight3200g (112.9oz)
Servos8x Digital Metal Gear 9g
Recommended Servo22.2v 5000mAh Li-Po