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The DLG-1000 from TechOne is an ultra light unpowered Discus Launch Glider.

Thanks to its EPOFLEXY construction the weight is kept to a minimum for that big launch, but with carbon fibre strengthening in the wings and tail, the DLG-1000 is extremely rigid for a more precise flight.

The body of the fuselage is constructed from tough plastic with plenty of room for your receiver and battery pack. All the micro servos come pre-installed and a 3A BEC is also included.

TechOne DLG-1000 Glider
TechOne DLG-1000 Glider
TechOne DLG-1000 Glider
TechOne DLG-1000 Glider


  • Simple to Assemble
  • Strong Plastic Fuselage and Launch Suppports
  • Spacious Radio Tray
  • Tough EPOFLEXY Wings and Tail
  • Can Be Launch Left or Right Handed


Wingspan: 995mm(39.2 in.)
Overall Length:812mm ( 32 in.)
Flying Weight: 199g ( with battery )
Speed Control:UBEC 3A
Servo: 3.6g*4pcs
Recommended Battery:2S 250-400MAH