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Diamond / Excalibur 1100 PNP Glider (No Tx/Rx/Batt or Chg)



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The Excalibur 110 is the perfect sport glider for the flyer who wants stunning looks with performance to match. With its 1100mm wingspan. tough EPOFLEXY construction and 4 channel controls the Excalibur is small enough to keep in the car for when you spot that perfect flight opportunity but big enough to be the model you reach for every flying session.

The powerful brushless motor and super efficient turbo prop give stunning climbing abilities yet when you pull back the throttle and you are left with a streamlined glider that will groove around the sky performing silent aerobatics, when more height is needed, just open the throttle and away she goes again.

Rigging the model for flight takes just a few seconds and it's just as well as you will be aching to fly this model and won't want to waste any time before you launch her into that perfect sky again.

The Excalibur 110 features a brushless ESC and motor, efficient propeller and EPOFLEXY construction as standard. This gives you a lightweight, robust airframe with plenty of power and gliding ability.

  • Highly Efficient Turbo Prop
  • EPOFLEXY Construction
  • Brushless Motor and ESC
  • Central Wheel for Smooth Landings

Wingspan: 1100mm (43.3")
Length: 777.5mm (30.6")
Weight: 470g
Servos: 8g x 4
Recommended Battery: 11.1v 1300mAh Li-Po


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