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Diamond 2500 / Excalibur 260

Art-Tech Diamond 2500 Excalibur 260


Wingspan2560mm (100")
Length1560mm (59")
Weight1900g (67oz)
Servos9g x 6
Battery2500mAh 14.8v Li-Po

About The Diamond 2500

The Diamond 2500 is constructed from high quality EPOFLEXY foam giving you more robustness than regular foam, should you have a heavy landing or miss the centrally mounted wheel. The model is capable of gliding gracefully over the countryside or you can use the built in brushless motor combination for some fast paced soaring action. The Diamond is equipped with a 60amp ESC, brushless out runner motor, folding prop and 14.8v Li-Po pack giving enough thrust for fast climbs in excess of 60o . With an all Up weight of 1900g this model will loop, roll and dive with speed, until you deploy the flaps and slow it down for some gentle circuits of the sky.