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Max-Thrust Lightning 1500 Electric Glider. RTF


Max Thrust

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The Lightning is the culmination of two years of design and testing. We knew what we wanted and set out with the basic criteria of a 1.5 metre wingspan using a 3 cell 2200mAh pack and to be able to get the model into your car easily, and we wanted it to perform. We have worked hard and feel that we have succeeded.
The model offers high performance in more ways than you think, it has great high-speed stability both under power and also on the glide. Constructed from our new super smooth EPOFLEXY with carbon spars
in the wings and fuselage giving a very strong airframe. The Lightning is at home both on the field or the slope where with the high performance brushless power system you can either hunt out the lift or power through F3A style aerobatics.
The model features high-speed servos throughout and even has a metal geared one on the all-moving tail to give you a very precise and accurate tail.

Although we call the Lightning a glider really it is far more and should appeal to anyone like us who loves to fly. Its sleek elegant lines enable this model to perform precision aerobatics like an F3A model but also soar in the warm air thermals or a 30 mph wind on the slope and reward you with a big smile every time you fly.
  • Vented Spinner for Improved Airflow
  • All Moving Tail Plane
  • Folding Prop
  • Tough EPOFLEXY Construction
  • Simple Assembly
  • Brushless Motor
  • Microzone MC6A 2.4GHz 6 Channel Radio set

Wingspan 1500mm (59")
Length 1020mm (40")
Flying Weight 1045g (37oz)
Servos 3x 9g, 1 x 9g Digital
Battery 11.1v 2250mAh Li-Po
Motor C2415-1150Kv


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