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Max-Thrust Aggressor Easyglide Glider PNP (Plug and Play)

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£159.95 inc.VAT


The Easyglide joins the Aggressor family from Max-thrust and is an easy-to-fly glider that offers a broad flight envelope along with stunning good looks. 

Suitable for flyers of all abilities the model is ideal for the beginner right through to the experienced avid glider fan who wants to explore the aerobatic capabilities of the glider. Fully versatile and featuring a folding propeller system, this model becomes very efficient and can stay up for massively extended periods on the slope or flat field flying. Using the pre-fitted powerful brushless motor you can choose to climb to height and soar around or power around the sky, the choice is yours with this brilliantly versatile glider. 

Weight900g (exc Battery)
Servos4 x 9g
Recommended Battery11.1v 3s 2200mAh li-Po
Recommended Radio 4 Channel 2.4GHz