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Art-Tech PC6 600

Century UK Art-Tech Pilatus PC6

The PC6 is a classic work horse of the sky at many airfields around the world, with its fantastic climb and descent abilities it is perfect for getting skydivers up to height and then back down on to the ground in the shortest possible time. Also very well suited to glider tugging the PC6 is a very versatile aircraft.

Art-Tech along with Century UK have developed the 1.7 metre model to imitate the full size aircraft. With ample power you can tow up a 3 metre R/C model glider and with the included tug release system let them go when up to height. 

It's a bit different but then that's its appeal.

Century UK Art-Tech Pilatus PC6
Century UK Art-Tech Pilatus PC6
Century UK Art-Tech Pilatus PC6
Century UK Art-Tech Pilatus PC6


The model can climb near vertical on full power and also descend vertically with full flaps deployed to a walking speed landing. Never before has such all round performance been available in a sport aircraft of the type.

  • 40A Brushless ESC
  • Trailing Edge Flaps
  • Drop Bay for Optional Parachuting Figure
  • Electronic Tow Hook
  • Wingtip LED Lighting
  • Large Tyres for Rough Ground or Grass
  • Tough EPOFLEXY Construction


Wingspan1700mm (66.9")
Length1252mm (49.3")
Weight1900g (67oz)
Servos1 x 9g, 6x 17g
Recommended Battery14.8v 3000mAh Li-Po