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Art-Tech J3 Cub

Instantly recognisable, the classic lines of the J3 Cub have been faithfully reproduced by Art-Tech. This terrific model not only looks great, but has the smooth, stable flight performance that makes it a perfect choice for the novice or more experienced pilot!

Moulded from durable EPOFLEXY, this highly detailed aircraft includes an authentic rib effect on the wings, dummy engine cylinders and exhausts, scale wheels, sprung steerable tail wheel and to complete the effect, a full-scale pilot!

Assembly takes next to no time as the high performance brushless motor, ESC and servos are all pre-fitted.


Wingspan1020mm (40.2")
Length690mm (27.1")
Weight650g (22.9oz)
Servos9g x 2, 5g x 2
Recommended Battery1300mAh 11.1v Li-Po