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Top RC Hobby T34


Century UK Top RC Model T-34 Mentor

The T-34 Mentor is a rare aircraft in the UK, built by the Beechcraft Corporation during the 1950's. During its early days a piston engine powered this aircraft, but later developments gave it the turbo prop engine which our model is based on. They were used primarily as a training aircraft but have been used right up to the present day as a light attack and display aircraft.

Century UK Top RC Hobby T34
Century UK Top RC Hobby T34
Century UK Top RC Hobby T34
Century UK Top RC Hobby T34
WingspanLengthServosWeightRecommended Battery
750mm (30")642mm (25.3")4 x 9g430g (15.2oz)7.4v 1000mAh Li-Po

Our model takes many of the fantastic flying attributes of the full size and rewards the pilot with a big smile on their face. Included with the model is a selection of ordnances that you can install if you wish and the model is available in two superb colour schemes. Thanks to the powerful brushless motor setup the model will happily take off from short grass and with the addition of the pre fitted steerable nose leg, ground tracking is excellent. The model takes a short time to assemble thanks to the pre fitted servos and motor, just leaving you to install you choice of receiver and battery. You can be up in the air practising your combat skills with a friend in no time, who will be victorious?

  • 12A Brushless ESC
  • Durable EPOFLEXY
  • Brushless Motor
  • Scale 3 Bladed Propeller
  • Highly Detailed Finish