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Valueplanes Balsa 1/4 Scale Miles M.2H Hawk Major Full Kit

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Stock code 1-CUK-BALSAKIT-10

Miles M.2H Hawk Major Radio Controlled Aircraft Kit scale 1:4

  • Replica of the British Miles Hawk Major light two-seater leisure and racing aircraft of the 1930s.
  • Designed to be powered by an internal combustion engine
  • Fully assembled structure made of high-quality laser-cut wood.
  • Fiberglass engine cowling
  • Moulded PVC Spats
  • Carbon wing keys
  • 6mm diameter steel landing gear
  • Quality accessories included: screws, hinges, etc...
  • 5-inch diameter wheels included
  • Wingspan: 2.48m
  • Length: 1.82m
  • Weight in-flight Approx: 9.3kg


  • Engine: 40cc 4T
  • Propeller: between 18x6 and 20x8
  • Radio: 4 channels minimum with receiver
  • Servos: 5 servos 8kg minimum
  • Receiver and ignition battery