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Sound Module System

Century UK Art-Tech Sound System
Century UK Art-Tech Sound System
Century UK Art-Tech Sound System


Speaker Specifications

Rated Power15W
Rated Impedance6 Ohms
Frequency Response200-8000Hz
Weight118g (4.2oz)
Maximum Volume90 Decibels

Control Board Specifications

VoltageUp to 17V
Weight42g (1.5oz)
Size74 x 34 x 22mm

About the Sound Module

The Sound Module System (SMS) reproduces the sound of a real aircraft engine, with active throttle response. At low throttle, it starts with a deep, low rumble, much like an aircraft engine on tick-over. As the throttle is advanced, the volume and RPM from the SMS is increased to simulate an engine running at high RPM, until finally the throttle is decreased for landing, the volume decreases and gives a cough similar to an aircraft engine running at low RPM and choking.

The SMS kit uses a 15W Hi-Fi speaker capable of delivering 90dB of sound, more than enough to be heard during most flights and adds a sense of realism to any scale build or fun flight down at the field. Fitting is simple, as the control board takes power from your flight battery via an adapter lead, and throttle signal is taken directly from the throttle channel on your receiver.

The whole system is light enough to mount inside most 400 class planes or larger, without any noticeable drop in performance.