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Duo 612


Century UK GT Power Duo 612 Dual Battery Charger

The GT Power Duo 612 features two totally independent power outputs, each capable of delivering a massive 200 watts!

The Duo 612 can charge or discharge up to 2 x 18 cells of Ni-Cd/Ni-MH or 2 x 6S Lithium batteries. Each output can charge up to 10A (depending upon cells/watts).

Two individual balancers are built in for use with Lithium batteries to keep your cells in top condition and prolong battery life.


The Duo 612 uses two independent displays to allow charging of two different batteries at once.

2 individual balance ports are fitted to allow safe balance charging of Lithium batteries, including 'Fast charges' and 'Storage Charges'. 

When charging Ni-MH or Ni-Cd packs, a delta-peak voltage detection system is used. This can be combined with a capacity limit, a time limit or using the optional temperature sensor, a thermal cut-out. All of these features ensure that your batteries are charged in the safest way possible and kept in top condition.

Built into each charging circuit of the Duo 612 is a 5 battery memory, allowing you to store the settings of your most used batteries for quick set-up and charging, without the need to re-programme the charger every time you use it.

  • Capacity Limit
  • Maximum safety
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Input power monitoring
  • Easy to program buttons
  • 5 battery memory
  • Individual cell monitoring
  • 2-Line Back lit LCD display
  • Built in Balancer to 6S packs
  • Cycle charging/discharging
  • Includes "FAST" & "STORAGE" Li-xx programs


Li-Po / Li-Fe / Li-Ion1-6 Cells
Ni-MH/Ni-Cad1-18 Cells
Pb (Lead Acid)2-24 Volts
Charge / Discharge Cycles1-5 Cycles
Charge Current0.1-10.0 Amps
Discharge Current0.1-5.0 Amps
Operating Voltage10-18 Volts